Shadow Over Isolation Receives Publisher


Hello my Naughty friends. March is almost over and we have a major announcement to all of those that had supported us for the better part of the year! We’ve made it. We’ve gotten this far with your help and generous unwavering support. Now we are going to be able to push even further. Naughty Shinobi will forgo the use of Patreon for the duration of our contractual obligation and work directly with an excellent Publisher/investor, Forever Entertainment S.A.

Our dreams are finally being realized and we look forward to releasing Shadow Over Isolation in its entirety the way I intended without any financial roadblocks.

Now we will be able to meet financial obligations for ourselves and the company whilst working full time on the game. This is only the beginning to the future of Naughty Shinobi. This will help us stay on schedule for the 2017 release, in which then we can prepare work on the cyberpunk adventure erotica, Knights of a Broken City. We won’t know if Knights will be fully funded or a secondary project due to its erotic nature, but we know for sure it will become a reality and bring about a new age for REAL mature/adult gaming! So please, stay in touch! We love you all!

Patron Specifics: 

All Patrons which have donated over $20 in their lifetime and supported us during August 2015 to March 2016, will get a Steam Key for Shadow Over Isolation following the release in 2017. Patrons will also get permanent credit in game.

Any obligations that have yet to be fulfilled will be postponed until after the release Shadow Over Isolation and be applied to the next project.

Users that have opted to get their characters modeled and placed in-game in one of our stories/games will remain on our list for creation and will be applied to the next project, Knights of a Broken City.

Until next time, stay extra Naughty!

-Stuart Bradley Newsom