Shadow Over isolation

Release Date 2017Genre Adventure/Thriller/HorrorPlatform PC/MACWebsite

Its 1984 in Kapra County, Georgia. A town known for its prosperous farm land and colorful citizens. Ryan Kappel, is brought home at the request of his distant relative, Aunt Nesha, last remaining family member of a prominent Farmstead. A nostalgic trip down memory lane reveals a sea of lies and secrets thought to be long buried.

“Margaret, whatever it was. It spoke! It recognized me. Acknowledging my presence. It called me by my name! Then nothing. It stopped as the machine turned on. What’s going on? Margaret! Why am I here?”

Shadow Over Isolation is an upcoming First-Person Adventure game for PC and Mac. Experience an adventure the gives the player piece of mind without holding your hand. Offering a story-driven Lovecraftian experience without sacrificing gameplay for sake of exposition. Explore the beautifully detailed Road End Farmstead running on Unreal Engine 4. Lush with interactive elements both functional and optional, all to provide a home away from home as we slowly but surely pull the strings back from the fabric of your mind.

We’re not looking to create another rendition of Shadow Over Innsmouth, Color Out of Time, At The Mountains of Madness or the typical style established by Call of Cthulhu franchise. We want to create our own style built on the love for the non-traditional gameplay designs of the 90s mixed with aesthetics inspired by Stanley Kubrick (Visual and Sound Design) and HP Lovecraft’s sanity shattering mythos and storytelling style.