About Us

Naughty Shinobi is an Indie Game Studio operating out of Los Angeles County, formed with a unified goal in mind that is shared by all the members of the development team, to create and share unique interactive gaming experiences that aren’t limited by typical conventions. Our goal is to expose our player base to a wide variety of content that stretches the imagination and isn’t afraid to embrace mature, adult storytelling.

We believe that gamers are ready for a deeper, more involved experience. For us, gaming is all about the emotional roller coaster that the best games take you through.

Our development team is a diverse group of talented designers, artists, composers and production editors with more than 50 combined years of industry experience, all of whom take pride in listening to community feedback and striving to meet the needs of the modern gamer.

The Naughty Shinobi library of games will span across multiple genres, from story-driven episodic content to pick up and play titles. Whatever title you select, we can promise that it will be produced with the drive of one of the most dedicated independent development studios in business today. That is our guarantee.

Stuart Bradley Newsom (aka Mr. Naughty) - Owner/Writer/Artist

Stuart is a hobbyist game developer with freelance experience as graphic designer, environmental design, special effects supervisor for film, and much more in addition to 3+ years straight marketing. Before his career began, he also shared a love for game design through modding ever since he learned to hack Wolfenstein 3d in DOS at the age of 6. Selfishly making mods and games for himself since then out of the enjoyment of creating new stories and worlds, even if they never see the light of day on the internet.

Rick Walters – Environmental Modeling

Rick has a background in 3D environment and character modeling with a passion for storytelling in games. His inspirations include the puzzle solving and narrative of Resident Evil 2, Lunar and Final Fantasy. These taught him the power of the compelling experience of being drawn into digital worlds. His desire to break new ground was demonstrated in his participation in the global game jams in college. He’s currently working as a writer and producer for the improve/skit comedy group, The Mobscene.


Lionel Wilder – Music/Sound

Mr. Wilder has been making music since he was 10 years old, becoming an autodidact pianist and going on to do orchestrations and studying audio engineering in college. In his journey, he came to realize his passion for music was from the power of sound itself and the endless possibilities digital platforms give its artists. His experience with the Mod Database was instrumental in his growth in sound design. He’s an independent recording artist at the company he founded, “My Own Entertainment”, specializing in music production and songwriting.


Former Team Members

Adrian Alanis – Environmental Modeling

Adrian has a background in 3D environment and character modeling as well as lighting, digital painting, textures and digital photography. His experience include freelance work with Mr. Game Entertainment and Containment Field Studio, both of which exercised his skills in 3D modeling. As a classmate of the venerable Mr. Naughty, he contributed great effort into the teams’ game jam projects.

Chris Iaquinta - Co-Owner/Lead Composer

Chris is an accomplish creative and marketing director, having served as an editor-in-chief for multiple publications and as a consultant for over a dozen companies. Individually, he has a published portfolio that includes over 2,500 articles, including a stint as a staff writer for IGN.com. He has produced and managed events for a wide variety of companies including Activision, and was most recently the marketing and general manager for Giant Sportz, the leading action sports company in the US.

David Plentl-Finances/Advisor

David is an independent video producer and sales rep out of Culver City, CA. He has an extensive sales and marketing background, currently working to expand into the fledgling 360 film industry, as well as supporting ground breaking startups in the interactive entertainment industry. His current projects are “The Bea 'n Me Show” and “Frankenstein 2.0”, a VR graphic novel adaption of the novel of the same name.